The End, etc.

Web documentary directed by Laetitia Masson.

Film produced for the web, and adapted for Digital Stories technology.

Laetitia Masson / France / 2012
With Élodie Bouchez, Aurore Clément, André Wilms, Jérôme Kircher…
A joint France Télévisions - Memo Prod production


At the start of 2012, Laetitia Masson chose to question our societies, through the prism of engagement and disengagement. Political, human, romantic etc.
In a unique cinema experience, the filmmaker offers everyone the chance to take over her raw material. There is no predetermined plot, no set ending. A simple system to bring together personalised films, with as many suggestions as viewers: The End, etc.
A work mixing fiction, music and documentary to check the pulse of our societies, question symbols and analyse consciences at all levels of the social scale. A melting pot of sequences in which Laetitia Masson invites everyone to find their own path.


Try this interactive experience... collectively!
Become a 'spect-actor' for an evening and choose 'your' version of the film with the laser pointer you are given.


The End, etc.
A joint France Télévisions - Memo Prod production
With the support of the CNC and IRI, in collaboration with Incandescence
Interactive collective version offered by Rencontres Audiovisuelles, Memo Prod and Incandescence within the framework of the Digital Stories project.


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