Sans dessus dessous

Upside down

Short film by Marie Langlois and Cléo Sarrazin, Les Yeux d'Argos (The Eyes of Argos).

Produced while in residence for Digital Stories.

Sabine decides to leave work and go home. In order to do so, she must pass through the three floors which separate her from the ground floor. As soon as she leaves the office, a series of protagonists get in her way: a likeable boss, a manager with a worrying smile, a young girl who wants to play and even a dog which has no business being there… It is up to the audience to choose the more or less crazy situations Sabine will face and, finally, get her to the exit.

Les Yeux d’Argos sheds light on poetic and off-the-wall locations. Comprising archive shots, real and digital images, these creations reinvent time and space. They draw our attention to the world which surrounds us and encourage us to reconsider its poetic and absurd aspects. Time becomes blurred in a series of repetition games, loops and poetic languor. The works encourage encounters by means of interactive systems, joint-creations and audience participation.

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