Short film by Olivier Coulon.

Produced while in residence for Digital Stories.


We are invited to a rehearsal for a concerto. Now, our presence (or rather that of our laser pointers) does not escape the notice of the conductor; irritated by our interfering little lights, he tries to chase us away and then, fed up, to ignore us. However, as he discovers our potential, he starts to watch us, test us and coax us, before finally making us protagonists in his work.


Born in 1978, Olivier Coulon learned his trade at Supinfocom, then in several digital communication agencies. He attempts to explore the relationship between man and his environment (primarily digital), remain engaging, have fun, create a link, and ask questions about style and content. Curious and passionate, he is convinced that the creative approach can start anywhere; you just need to keep your eyes open. His artistic universe? Intuitive, fun, a little provocative, off the wall, full of energy.


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