Love Club

Short film by Jonathan Rio.

Produced while in residence for Digital Stories.

With Thomas Debaene, Mélissandre Fortumeau, Léo Hardt, Lola Lebreton.


Robin, the shyest one of the group, finds himself in a nightclub where he does not want to be, while his friends urge him to go and talk to a pretty young woman. However, before making his approach, he must get noticed.
Inspired by the spirit of video games, Love Club is a comedy which tells us how important it is to really go through with things when you want something. In the end, you never know what you will get, but the experience always helps make you stronger.


Born in 1983, Jonathan Rio is a director based in Lille. He directed his first short films in an association with ReVo Asso, before working with various production companies. His passion is strongly defined environments and his work a mix of realism, poetry and fantasy.


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