Short film by Olivier Coulon.

Produced while in residence for Digital Stories.


A scientific laboratory is attempting to find out who is in the cinema, using a robot of a rather cynical disposition. The spectators are subjected to a series of tests to determine whether they can actually be allowed to remain at liberty. They discover the results in real time, depending on their answers/activities. During a combination of a personality test, health check-up, memory and ethics exercises, the spectators must assess themselves and compare their data with the people sitting next to them and those in the other cinemas which have completed the test. The experience becomes richer with every session...


Born in 1978, Olivier Coulon learned his trade at Supinfocom, then in several digital communication agencies. He attempts to explore the relationship between man and his environment (primarily digital), remain engaging, have fun, create a link, and ask questions about style and content. Curious and passionate, he is convinced that the creative approach can start anywhere; you just need to keep your eyes open. His artistic universe? Intuitive, fun, a little provocative, off the wall, full of energy.


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