MadLab 1minute69

Interactive mapping by the 1minute69 collective (Lille).

Produced while in residence at Digital Stories.

Design and production: Aurélie Dumaret, Myriam Adjalle, Émilie Villemagne
Technical development: Etienne Landon


After a residency of some twenty days, drawing on the work it has carried out for several years on changes in the body and its relationship with the environment, the 1minute69 group offers spectators the chance to rediscover L'Hybride in Lille through an interactive installation that is halfway between a research laboratory and a cabinet of curiosities.
Transformed into an experiential environment where the spectator actually becomes the subject of the hybridisation, the installation site will allow the public to enter, armed with their laser pointer, into a random and unique space/time, which each visitor will interpret both individually and collectively.
MadLab 1minute69 is an original scenography which combines matter, light and sound in a combination of random sculptures of recycled objects, audio visual creation, generative images, and tracking and video mapping techniques.
More than just a technological tool, the laser pointer - the common denominator of the Digital Stories project - is used here as a continuation of the spectator’s body.


1minute69 is a variable geometry collective, born from a desire for cooperation and exchange between fans of digital art.
Linked by a playful desire to plunge the spectator into immersive and/or interactive universes which fire the imagination, the artists in the collective play on illusion and work on the concept of representation through performances, audiovisual installations, architectural projections and video scenographies.
Paving the way for new artistic practices, the digital technologies applied to sensitive systems are an integral part of their research dynamic, where space, the body, sound and image are inextricably linked.


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